Jim Ross

DVSA ADI – Professional Driving Instructor (Automatic)


Areas covered for driving lessons with Jim

South Liverpool

Including: Speke, Hale, Garston and Halewood 


Including: Halton, Runcorn


Including: Helsby, Kinglsey Green 

Jim’s Bio

All about Jim…

I spent 12 years in the armed forces and had the opportunity to travel the world and held every driving licence from car to Class 1 vehicles, including motorbikes and buses.

I was born in Liverpool, married for 36 years and have a massive extended family.

I decided to become a driving instructor after spending many years in Logistics. As I enjoy personal development for individuals and seeing the confidence grow when people learn new skills.

With my driving experience and knowledge together we can create learning to drive a fun activity by using a unique approach for each student. I can support you in booking your Theory or Practical test during your first lesson also work with you to create a goal and target date to complete your course.

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Q & A

1. What did you do before becoming a Driving Instructor?

British Army /General Manager \ Head of Logistics.

2. What has been your most interesting moment, while on a driving lesson?

A young student wearing an onesie and hair in Rollers.

3. What has been your best, personal achievement so far?

Climbing the three peaks under 20hours and Meeting Prince William and Catherine St Patricks Day 2022


4. Did you pass your Driving Test first time?

Yes I did and in Germany


5. What hobbies do you have?

Mountain Climbing, Gym

Jim’s latest reviews 

Jim’s latest passes

Rosie, Speke

Shyam, Garston

Masie, Woolton

Hollie, Runcorn

Zaf, Widnes

Sophie, Speke

Ryan, Aigburth

Layton, Runcorn

Rajesh, Runcorn

Rachel, Halwood 

Sara, Frodsham

Sophie, Wootlon

Pharell, Runcorn

Grace, Huyton

Lizzy, Speke

Ben, Kingsley

Sophie, Speke 

Lily, Wavertree

Bernard, Widnes


Fraya, Frodsham

Kelly, Widnes

Livia, Woolton

Keerthy, Runcorn

Lola, Frodsham

Robert, Halewood

Annie, Allerton 

Megan, Prescot

Sriv, Widnes

Hayley, Speke

Vaughan, Speke

Ilulia, Aigburth

Rian, Huyton

Llulia, Aigburth

Ellie, Garston 

Santjankuma, Widnes

Luke, Widnes. 1st Time

Chloe, Helsby 

Hannah, Mossley Hil

Danielle, Runcorn

Anthony, Prescot. 1t Time

Vivky, Widnes. 1st Time

George, Belle Vale 

Savannah, Garston 

Danielle, Speke

Ellie, Widnes

Nick, Allerton

Cathy, Hale Village 

Sam, Runcorn

Abby, Garston

David, Widnes

Margaret, Runcorn

Niamh, Wavertree

Laura, Frodsham

Niam, Wavertree

Amy, Runcorn

Jethroe, Runcorn

Maya, Woolton

Vilija, St. Helen’s

Anna, Garston, 1st Time

Robert, Runcorn.

Simone, Frodsham

John, Runcorn

Holly, Helsby

Thi, Prescot 

Joe, Frodsham 

Millie, Runcorn

Thomas, Runcorn

Jo, Speke

Scott, Helsby

Megan, Speke

Lee, Speke.

James, Frodsham.

Charlene, Allerton

Esme, Frodsham

Louise, Frodsham

Emma, Widnes

Bethan, Runcorn

Seifallah, Garston

Scarlett, Frodsham

Louise, Liverpool

Kathryn, Huyton

Stephanie, Garston

Jordon, Runcorn






Mary Kate

 Qualifications & Professional Development

  • DVSA ADI qualified approved Driving Instructor
  • LGV, C&E, D&E
  • Covid awareness training
  • Mental health Awareness training
  • CPC in Professional Management

I have been with Jim since day 1 of learning, he is so easy to get on with, really friendly and a great instructor. He makes you feel very calm goes at your own pace. I recommend him to all my friends and family when they are looking for an instructor and thanks to him I passed my test first time! Thanks for everything you’ve done especially through the hard times of covid!

Charma Martin

I have passed my driving test recently and I can’t say how grateful I am to Jim for all his hard work and most important his support and patience through this journey, I can say that Jim is an amazing instructor and he did believe in me when I didn’t so Thank you Jim for everything.

Peter Corefield

I must admit Jim is an amazing instructor, very calm and makes lessons so fun, I 100% guarantee that if you have him as your driver instructor you will be on the right path to learn how to drive an become confident on the road !


Jim is such an amazing instructor! Gives clear, easy to follow  Instructions and very straight forward. He is also very patient and has a good sense of humour, which helps the students with their nervousness. He is also very committed as he makes time for his students. A great experience overall

Emily Fletcher

Jim is a down to earth instructor, he works on your weaknesses well and improves them efficiently. I Would recommend as he is really good at making driving stress free and easy to understand. His car is great for learners and really helped me to develop my skills. I enjoyed all my lessons and will miss learning with him.

Jim was incredible at teaching me to drive. He explains things in a way you that’s easy to understand and his bubbly personality helped put my nerves at ease. Thanks to him I passed first time with only 4 faults. 

Mary Kate McDonna