Leanne Condliff

Driving Instructor – DSA ADI

Professional Driving Instructor St Helens & Liverpool

Area covered by Leanne


Including: Litherland, Bootle, Kensington, Tuebrook, Norris Green, Anfield, Croxteth, Toxteth


Including: Rainhill, Prescot, Whiston, Huyton, Netherley, St Helens

South Liverpool

Including: Allerton, Aigburth, Garston, Hale, Halewood, Speke, Woolton, Mossley Hill

Leanne’s Bio

All about Leanne… Leanne has been driving for over 15 years, passing her own driving test first time. Her past experience has included being a Director of Publicity for two small record companies in Liverpool. She enjoyed her experience shaking the hands of many professional music gurus and experts and has even worked on music videos!

After returning to law for a number of years, Leanne decided to do what she loved the most; teaching and driving! Leanne said “A mixed bag you would say, but I do not regret a thing!!” Her strengths of being patient, motivated and learning others to reach a higher expectation is ideal for her current job role. Leanne is currently a grade 5 driving instructor.

Leanne is looking for individuals who would like no nonsense, competent driving tuition. She has been trained to coach and helps build your confidence up on the road, in order to help you successfully achieve your goals in the time period that you choose.

She is also very flexible and can work around your everyday needs to help you build your experience and successfully pass your driving test.

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Q & A

1. What did you do before becoming a Driving Instructor?

A Document Production Specialist in Microsoft Packages

2. What has been your most interesting moment, while on a driving lesson?

Oooow! So many! I love it when pupils start to tell me what they do for a living and find that they do amazing things! 

3. What has been your best, personal achievement so far?

Passing Grade 5 in my first five year of a Driving Instructor! A very proud moment indeed!

4. Did you pass your Driving Test first time?

Yes I did at the age of 17!! Very proud of myself I was 🙂

5. What hobbies do you have?

I love to socialise with friends, meeting new people and sharing new experiences. I also love to travel, read and generally living life! 

Leanne’s latest reviews

 Qualifications & Professional Development

Leanne’s latest driving test passes

Hessam, Manchester, 1st Time  – ADI Part 2

John, Wigan, 1st Time –  ADI Part 2 (with Leanne & Katie) 

Ben, Waterloo

Kayleigh, Bootle

Hessam, Manchster, 1st Time – ADI Part 3

Carla, Huyton, 1st Time

Paul, St. Helen’s, 1st Time – ADI Part 2

Danielle, St. Helen’s, 1st Time ADI Part 2

Anna, Norris Green, 1st Time – ADI Part 2

Millie, Stoneycroft

Lucy, Maghull

April, Huyton  – 1st Time ADI Part 2

Kirsty, Wavertree, 1st Time

Stephanie, Kensington, 1st Time

Charlotte, Speke, 1st Time – ADI Part 2

Kate, Bootle

Jack, Page Moss, 1st Time

Iain, Norris Green, 1st Time

Leanne, Norris Green

Hayley, Whiston. 1st Time

Katie, Stoneycroft, 1st Time

Mia, Knotty Ash

Danielle, Seaforth, 1st Time

Rebecca, Seaforth

Fahima, Edge Hill, 1st Time

Jordan, West Derby, 1st Time

Charlotte, Page Moss

David, Liverpool

Kelly, Page Moss

Lauren, Stoneycroft

Claire, Dingle

Leanne, Childwall

Laura, Mossley Hill

Ronnie, Tuebrook

Kaytlin, Mossley Hill

Hannah, Childwall

Katirina, Rainhill

Hannah, Maghull

Sam, Maghull

Charlotte, Mossley Hill

Kellie, Old Swan

Rebecca, Litherland

Kate, Allerton

Sophie, Old Swan

Joanne, Halewood

Lauren, Wavertree

Alex, Mossley Hill

Sarah, Maghull

Melissa, Kensington

Callie, Old Swan

Sara, Mossley Hill 

Ellie, Islington

Sayaka, Liverpool

Danielle, Maghull

Becky, Vaxhall

Subajini, Vaxhall

Chloe, Islington

Christopher, Dingle

Danny, Litherland

Stacey, Hunts Cross

Rebecca, Mossley Hill

Anthony, Crosby

Charlotte, Dingle

Megan, Bootle

Thomas, Dingle

Jade, Rainhill

Lorraine, Garston

Sam, Maghull

Martyn, Dingle

Matt, Childwall

William, Rainhill

Melissa, Fairfield

Adam, Fazackerley

Stephen, Childwall

Monika, Litherland

Daniel, Woolton

Helen, Wavertree

Joanne, Childwall

Emma, Bootle

Aiden, Childwall

Niana, Childwall

Elizabeth, Bellve Vale 

Megan, Rainhill

Emma, Halewood

Gregory, Halewood

Joanna, Hunts Cross

Michael, Halewood

Danielle, Woolton

Tracey, Garston, 1st Time

Charlotte, Wavertree

Stuart, Speke

William, Rainhill

Jessica, Dingle

Scott, Childwall, 1st Time

Lisa, Kings Dock

Jessica, Belle Vale 

Anthony, Waterloo

Anthony, Bootle

Bethan, Norris Green, 1st Time

Hannah, Childwall

Kerry, Hunts Cross

Rebecca, Woolton

Margaret, Childwall

Matt, Aintree

Simon, Seaforth

Nicola, Walton

Melanie, Fazackerly, 1st Time

Susan, Maghull, 1st Time

Lucy, Tuebrook

Jenny, Childwall, 1st Time

Ryan, Norris Green 

Connie, Garston

Tom, Huyton

Joanne, Kirkby