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Welcome to our information page on becoming a driving instructor, if you have any questions, please just email me directly Kathy Higgins Dip.DI, F Inst MTD (kathy.higgins@insight2drive.com )

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Why would you choose us for your ADI Training?

We strive to offer the best possible driving instructor training.  The driving instructor training is overseen by Kathy Higgins; one of the countries’ most respected and qualified driving instructor trainers and an award winning business woman and published author of ‘An Insight to Drive.  However, Kathy is still very much down to earth and still has her feet firmly on the ground.Here are some questions you should ask before embarking on a training course, why not compare our answers to other training schools:

  • How long has the trainer been qualified and how long as an ADI trainer? Kathy Higgins qualified as an instructor in 2000 and started Instructor training as an ORDIT instructor trainer back in 2002. She is joined by 4 other trainers, Jackie Bradley, Colin Chown, Derek Rogers, Katie Dunkerly and Leanne Condliff.
  •  Do you pay for your instructor training up front? We like to be as flexible as possible, to make it easy for you to fund your training.  You can pay for the whole course or pay as you go, session by session.
  • Are you offered a refund, just in case you change your mind, or have to stop training? We offer all our trainees refunds in the event you have to stop training.  Check out our terms and conditions.
  •  Can you choose to pay as you go? Yes of course you can, or you can pay for each part as you pass them.
  • Will the training just focus on the part 3 driving instructor test? No, we will cover all that is required for the part 3 test, however, our part 3 course is 40 hours long (ALL ONE TO ONE – IN CAR) plus unlimted classroom workshops, which currently run once a fortnight, this will allow us to teach you all the skills you need, to become a successful driving instructor and business owner.
  • What support is available once you pass? After you pass all your tests with us,  We will help you decide what franchise, if any to go with, you might want to join our team, but we do not force you to join us! We also help you find dual controls, driving instructor insurance, driving school car, and much more, we also offer our team 4 hours a year free training with a business coach.  
  • Is there an opportunity of joining the franchise once you pass? The simple answer is yes,  once you pass your driving instructor test we will always be there for you and offer you a franchise with us, if this is the best solution for you.
  • What happens if I join the team but then what to go solo?  Simple answer is you can, and we will help you do just that.  It is all about helping YOU become sucessful.  
  • Are there any opportunities to continue to train and continue to develop as a business person and driving instructor? Yes, there are plenty of opportunities with us to continue to develop.

REMEMBER, We help, you run your business. 

I just thought I would write to thank you for the excellent training received at Runcorn last Monday. Since doing this new course with other providers I have struggled with some of the content, especially the WHY DONT YOU. This is the first training that explained what it was aiming to achieve and how it should be approached. I used to dread that bit, now I find myself enjoying it and I think it is the best bit. So thank you once again for a job well done.
Graham| Liverpool

Undergoing some ORDIT training.

Hi Kathy, just wanted to thank-you for training session yesterday. You r a brilliant trainer and communicator. I look forward to the next session.

Peter | Manchester.


Passed the ADI Part 3 First Time! And rescued from a second pink badge!

Thanks for you’re help Kathy with my part 3 exam, you’re training sessions really helped with my confidence to pass the exam yesterday, they were really like the real exam. Keep up the good work.



Sent to us from a PDI undergoing some rescue work.

I need to say thank you. You have lifted my spirits and put the spark back into my motivation to believe in myself. It pays to talk, all appears a lot clearer today. Many thanks.


Passed the ADI Part 3 Test, First Time!

“I can totally recommend Kathy to any aspiring driving instructor. Kathy is a very professional ADI trainer and very skilled in her training methods. All the driving instructor training sessions were carried out in an extremely friendly and relaxed manner and Kathy explains everything in a way that is so easy to understand.”

Frank | N. Ireland.


Passed the ADI Part 3 Test, First Time!

Thank you Kathy, the driving instructor training you provided was great and it was your positive attitude which gave me the confidence to pass this driving instructor test. Now the real hard work starts…

Stuart Harrison | passed first time.


This is from one of our franchised driving instructors.

I would just like to say that 1 year on and having time to reflect that moving to Insight from BSM was the best move I’ve ever made in this driving instructor industry.

I feel so much better joining a family driving school business and with your continued support means I can sleep better at night.

So thank you for contacting me last year and helping me through a difficult time financially. Just want you to know that I will support you where ever I can and to confirm my continued commitment to Insight.

Colin Chown | DSA ADI | Insight 2 Drive.


Attended our ADI Coaching Course.

Lee wrote…I am having brilliant results using the driving instructor coaching techniques from the workshop in March. I now realise how little input my learner driver pupils had in their learning and how little attention I paid to how they felt at the end of a driving lesson. With the driving instructor coaching I find my learner driver pupils totally engaged, it also allows them to better understand why they are making faults and the remedial action needed without me telling them exactly what went

My learner driver pupils are getting to higher standards quicker than before with driving instruction. I have learner drivers who have figured out exactly what they need to do to emerge from a T-junction without brief, then without guided instruction perform the manoeuvre reasonably well in 2/3 attempts. I also have a pupil who figured out a reverse park without a brief and carried it out to near perfection on the 2nd attempt! Definitely the best value for money driving instructor training I have undertake.

Lee | Oldham.


Passed the ADI Part 3 Test.

I was an ADI in the past and in 1993 decided to have a career change into crime scene investigation. This I thought would take up to much of my time to continue with my driving instruction so I let my ADI registration end. I always regretted doing this because I enjoyed it so much and as the years went by I realised one day that it was more of a passion than I thought and decided to return to driving instruction. With my previous experience and knowledge of the driving instruction industry I knew I would have to go through the whole driving instructor training process again to re-qualify. So after over a month of researching what was going to be needed to become an driving instructor did what I consider to be an absolute must. I researched the market for the best help I could get. I attended endless interviews; with the T.V. advertised courses, contacted local driving schools spoke to the driving instructor trainers themselves and trawled the web. Once my research was completed it wasn’t a hard decision to make my final selection of who I wanted to instruct me.

From my very first contact with my final selection I knew this was going to be the one for me, I found the driving schools website and after reading their success and determination to not only teach people to drive they offered and delivered the full driving experience to anyone and not just for the test but proved through their success to date that they are keen and enthusiastic to produce safe drivers for life offering a full package to meet any prospective learner driver right through to advanced driving levels for already qualified drivers. I contacted the driving school and was delighted to be spoken to in such an honest way, gone was all the previous conversations with what I considered to be a pre-scripted telephone interviews promising me 30,000 plus a year no problem etc etc. What I got was a friendly professional real person who clearly new the driving instructor industry and listened to my needs, no false promises. That phone call convinced me that I did want to return to driving instruction and also wanted to be trained by what I consider to be after months of research, the best available driving instructor training today. I passed my final part 3 driving instructor test yesterday and am now a fully qualified ADI again!

Because of the absolutely 1st class driving instructor training and support I had I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to my driving instructor trainer. Kathy Higgins the owner of Insight 2 drive.If you are thinking of becoming a driving instructor take my advice, speak to Kathy before you make a decision I did, and it was the best decision and outcome I could have hoped for.

Mike Aindow | Anisdale.


Attended our ADI Coaching Course.

I have just completed the ADI Coaching Course today in Liverpool, it was fantastic and would recommend to everyone, Kathy Higgins would you like to come to our Association Meeting to give a talk on this course, so at the next meeting can we have a quick chat to perhaps set this up.

Lesley Clarke | Atherton.


Attended our ADI Coaching Course.

Hi Kathy, I’m well buzzin with that check test. I was going to use the driving examiner for a role play check test, but decided to take the gamble and I used Jade (a learner driver)  who you saw when you sat in for my check test training. I used quite a bit of coaching that Kathy taught me, which was hard but Jade made me work for it, that’s why I feel that I’ve achieved a proper grade 6.I think the biggest difference from the last check test to this one is the fact that not only have I had further check test training but I planned the driving lesson and route more and stuck to it. I stopped more to talk things through with Jade and even when she had her extreme blonde moments I didn’t tell her, I just asked her an easier question. I allowed her to make simple errors then corrected them after. . Are there any driving instructors going on the next coaching course that haven’t done it before. If not, e-mail them to tell them to contact me and will only be happy to let them know how it’s helped me. I really want to develop further so if there are any driving instructor CPD courses, driving instructor training days or opportunities that will do this, let me know.  Thanx Kathy.

Robbi Biddulph  | Childwall, Liverpool.


Attended our ADI Coaching Course.

Hi … Just like to thank both of you (Ged and Claire) and Kathy for today (on the driving instructor coaching course)  really enjoyable and thought provoking. Even though you went through it during my part three instructor training  it seemed better in full colour!! It showed that you have put a lot of hard work and thought into today.

Craig Bailey | Rochdale.


Attended our ADI Coaching Course.

Thanks to Kathy and Ged, from all the driving instructors, for making the trip to Northern Ireland.  This was a most interesting day, jam packed with information, your presentation skills made the day just fly in; I most enjoyed the interactive element where we practised some of the techniques along with Kathy and Ged. Spending time with two of the best coaching and driving instructor trainers in the UK was indeed a privilege. Come back soon.

Second email.

Many thanks for sending me the VAK forms etc, I will certainly use them for my clients.

The day spent With Kathy and Ged was WOW!! What an eye opener, I had read so much about driving instructor coaching over the last year from John Farlam’s site, and the ADI magazines that I thought that I knew quite a bit about it, and had tried in my own bumbling way to implement it in my driver training, with very little success. However after meeting Kathy and Ged I now have a fuller grasp of the principles involved in coaching in driver training. I have begun to use the methods learned on the workshop and the difference is surprising, of course I am still in that learning curve and at the moment am slipping to quickly into driving instructor mode, but most of my clients have agreed to travel this journey of discovery with me.

My first experience was with a client who has had one previous driving lesson, she had heard of coaching, or client based teaching in her trainee manager course at work, so she slipped into the session very easily, and at the end felt relaxed and delighted with HER new found skills. For me it has been some time since I felt this good about the outcome of a driving lesson. I will continue to practice the skills so that I become a real asset to my clients, contribute to road safety, and run a more profitable business. Looking forward to attending further driving instructor workshops as they come along.Regards,

Ken Adams | Driver coach (ADI) | Belfast.


Passed the ADI Check Test and got a Grade 6!

Hi Kathy it’s only Caroline,  just wanted 2 thank you for your help getting ready for  my ADI check test it really paid off. Had Ted Taylor and got a grade 6!!! Thanks once again your fab xxxxxxxx

Caroline Cohen | Ellsemere Port.


Passed the ADI Part 1 Test.

Good news! I passed the ADI part one theory today. Thanks so much for your extra help on Friday, the positive thinking worked! Felt more confident with the hazard perception this time so was pleased to have passed my driving instructors test.

Sue Davis | Halewood.


Passed the ADI Check Test.

Some comments after the ADI check test training and the pass thanks for the day I have a spring back in my step now  I am really glad the NLP worked so well n will prob help with other things  Am really looking forward 2 your driving instructors training course, got 4 friends interested 2 Thanks so much for all your positive support but particularly the NLP which I like to call my re-programming. It really worked. I kept waiting to get panicky but it just didn’t happen. The only thing was a slight burning in my stomach but I hadn’t remembered that so we didn’t get rid of that. The trouble is all my friends and family want to be programmed now, do you fancy a change of career? lol

Michelle Barad  | West Midlands.


Passed the ADI Part 3 Test

Thanks for all your support and having faith in me, I couldn’t have done it without you, Lea-anna x

Lea-anna Connor | Woolton, Liverpool.


Passed the ADI Part 3 Test.

Kathy, your driving instructor training methods were precise, and easy to follow. Quality was of a very high standard and I learnt a great deal from your relaxed but professional approach. When I came to you; I felt my driving instructional ability was of a reasonable standard, but I was unable to pass the final driving instructors exam. You identified and addressed the weak areas in my driving tuition so much so that I passed the ADI part 3 test with a score of 5-4. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anybody; Thanks for all you have done

Margy Henney | Aigburth, Liverpool.


Passed ADI the Part 3 Test.

To Kath, Brian and Family, Thank you for all your support and encouragement, Best wishes Stephen

Stephen McCabe | Tuebrook, Liverpool.


Passed the ADI Part 3 Test.

Thanks for everything Kath, your the tops,

Margie & Phil | Margaret Henny | Aigburth, Liverpool.


Passed the ADI Part 3 Test.

My decision to train as a driving instructor with Kathy is undoubtedly on of the best I have ever made, she was fun to work with, she has loads of patients and understanding, and above all she is very skilled in her driving instructor training methods. If you are looking to become a driving instructor and pass the ADI test with flying colours as I did then you should look no further than Kathy Higgins.

Sue Bell | Childwall, Liverpool.


Passed the ADI Part 3 Test.

Just a short not to say thank you ever so much for getting me through the ADI parts 2 and 3 tests. Thanks for all the patience you’ve shown me even with the tears and self doubt. I hope that whatever happens in the future that we keep in touch as I value your friendship and not just as my instructor trainer.

Liz Lloyd | Garston, Liverpool.


Passed the ADI  Part 3 Test.

Thank you so much for being my friend and not giving up on me when I had give up on myself!  I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for you. You are a star!

Barbara Porter | Norris Green, Liverpool.


Passed the ADI Part 2 Test.

Thanks Kathy. You had the confidence in me to do the driving instructors test, and getting a first time pass.   Really looking forward to working with you on the ADI part 3 training.

Liz Lloyd | Garston, Liverpool.


Passed the ADI Part 3, First Time!

Thanks Kathy, I really enjoyed the driving instructor training and I am glad that you gave me the confidence to keep away from the PDI  trainee licence. I will be doing CPD with you, so look forward to training with you again. Just a note for anyone who reads this, if you think that driving instructing is for you then Kathy has got to be the best option. I looked very carefully at all of the options I had before starting my instructor training and then having coming highly recommended I choose Kathy. I can’t believe that she got me through all of the ADI tests first time, its way beyond what I expected. After my part three ADI test I really expected a fail because I thought that nerves had got the better of me and I had not performed. But, that is the standard Kathy trains you to, I thought I had done bad but she trained me to such a high standard that I still walked away with a first time pass. Thanks again Kathy!!

Andy Keywood | DSA ADI |  Huyton, Merseyside.


Passed the ADI Part 3 Test.

After passing my ADI Part 3 test at the third attempt I’d like to thank Kathy for all her help and support, as well as gaining the skills and knowledge to pass the ADI part 3 test I also found her driving instructor training sessions to be enjoyable. All the instructor training sessions were carried out in a relaxed and friendly manner. The Instructor Training Sessions were structured virtually the same at the ADI part 3 test with the same time constraints and I found this to be really helpful on my ADI test. Any areas for me to improve were always highlighted and explained in a precise manner. If anybody is considering a career as a driving instructor I would advise them to seek high quality training like I received from Kathy.

Paul Woodward | DSA ADI | Oldham.


Passed the ADI Part 3, with Rescue Training.

Kathy Higgins is simply the best, she will get you thought any blooming test, she’s Patent and calm but funny too. She’ll find the level just right for you if you’re starting afresh or struggling though your final ADI test attempt I highly recommend her to you.

Joan Cupit | DSA ADI | BSM | Garston, Liverpool.


Passed the ADI Part 3, with Rescue Training.

Hi Kathy just looking in for the first time. I am well pleased with the driving instructor training we have done on the two sessions and look forward to the next time. I know now that at last I have teamed up with someone who will guide me to the green badge. I can’t thank you enough for restoring my confidence and look forward to working with you in the future. p.s. My wife says thank you too. She said she can see my outlook has changed as well and the barriers I put up you have removed. Regards Denis Judge

Denis Judge| DSA ADI | Bootle, Merseyside.


Passed ADI Part 3, First Time!

Kathy, Thanks for all your first class ADI training and support. So relieved to get it over with. I’ll be in touch soon. Thanks again, Pete and family

Pete Feilding |DSA ADI | Wirral.


Passed the ADI Part 3 Test.

Thanks very much for everything, for not giving up on me, and getting me though thanks once again

Denis Swadkins | West Derby, Liverpool.


Passed the ADI Part 2 Test.

Just wanted to say thank you for today. You make it sound so easy; you explain it in a way that I can understand it. You are a Star. I look forward to next ADI training session.  Thanks

Barbara Porter | PDI | Norris Green, Liverpool.


Passed the ADI Part 3 with Rescue Training.

Hello Kathy, thanks for the card!  Made up to still here from you everything going well here.  Thanks for the help with passing my ADI  part 3 test this year, cant thank you enough. Anyway hope you and your family have a great Christmas and a wonderful new year…love John &; family

John Davies | DSA ADI | Wirral.


Passed the ADI Part 3 Test, with Rescue Training.

I thanked you at the time and now I will put it in writing. I was almost 2 years into the ADI training, parts 1 and 2 both passed with other instructor trainers; I was on my 3rd and final attempt at the ADI part 3 test  and running out of time fast. I met Kathy, Ged and Tina and they turned it all round. I passed my ADI part 3 test with 3 days to spare before my 2 years were up. I now run my own driving school in Manchester thank you very much my recent check test training went well, Ted T, gave out a GRADE 5 (and still pulling on the instructor training given by Kathy 18 months later) thanks again

Andrew Bailey | DSA ADI | Manchester.


Passed the ADI Part 3 Test.

Hi to everybody reading this, I would just like to say if anyone is reading this who is about to consider a career as a driving instructor and looking for the best driving instructor training possible , then look no further,; In my opinion Kathy is as good as it gets, I have never met a person so committed to safe driving and professionalism in every aspect of driver training available, I am almost past the post on my ADI test and I don’t think I would have gotten this far without Kathy, she has given me a totally new way of thinking, and I am sure that with her continued support I can do this

Hi every one just thought I would praise Kathy again,

I passed my part 3 ADI exam today and wouldn’t of done it without the help of Kathy. I know she will not take the credit for this but I know I would be on my second go around if I hadn’t of gone back to Kathy for my driving instructor training. I look to Kathy as not only a very professional instructor trainer but have grown to respect her and think of her as one of my own personal friends. She made the instructor training so enjoyable in a way I am sorry to see it end. But I am sure we will keep in touch on a regular basis and the learning never ends so I am sure I WILL BE BACK for more. Kathy thank you so very much for all your help and support, it has been a pleasure training with you, and anyone out there who is considering ADI training do not hesitate for one minute to call. (And Kathy the beers are on me!!!)

Jane Taylor | DSA ADI |  Widnes.


Got a Grade 5 with our ADI Check Test Help.

Thanks for the help you gave me, I couldn’t have got the ADI grade 5 I did without you. ;( sent in a greeting card)

Graham Byrne | DSA ADI | Kensington.


Director of Active Driving Solutions.

I would just like to wholeheartedly recommend Kathy to any prospective client. She is one of the most talented driver trainers I have the pleasure of knowing, and certainly the most qualified! Keep up the great work Kathy – one day you’ll get a knighthood.

Ged Wilmot |  ADI Trainer | Oldham.


Train the Trainer NSAC 15

I just wanted to drop you a quick email regarding the training today. It’s tough to keep 15 or so trainers engaged and entertained for the day. I thought Kathy and Ian delivered the course extremely well.

It was enjoyable, very informative and pitched just right. They both inspire confidence through their delivery, knowledge and enthusiasm.

Thank you & Kind regards.


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